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To organize your life, organize your spice!


Please feel free to browse through our pages in order to find out more about us and our innovative storage concepts to help you finally bring some organization to your kitchen’s spice collection.

At Spice Rax we pride ourselves on individually listening and learning from our treasured customers first hand and face–to-face by way of the dozens of the largest Arts & Craft Show venues all across the state of Iowa, into Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri and Nebraska as well. To this end we have now developed four diverse spice storage concepts and nearly twenty different models. Along with those state-of-the-art accomplishments we have been granted four US Patents and presently have one US Patent pending. As always, our objective and goal remains quite simple:  Delighted and fulfilled consumers that actually take the time to express personally or forward to us an encouraging comment about our new and unique line of products.

Even with today’s ever expanding American spice industry providing the busy homemaker with an endless array of quality products and many new special blends all within reach and just waiting for our experimentation, we simply tend not to stray beyond the familiar. In fact many of us have one thing in common: we use a very limited variety of fresh spices and some of us don’t venture much farther than salt and pepper. So we highly encourage you to stop and browse the spice aisle and read a few labels, it just might change your cooking style and spice up your life in a very positive way. Consider the spice manufacturer your personal travel agent, with a quick glance to the back of their spice container labels you’ll find the helpful hints you’ll need to bring out the best in your future culinary adventures. In essence, your local supemarket’s spice aisle is like a passport to the world, for instance: a trip to old Mexico, Cajun Country, Italy, China or ancient Greece, and it’s all just a quick scan at the checkout away

In any event, our convenient patent pending spice carousels can also play an important role in your working kitchen. At SpiceRax, LLC  we offer a simple solution: several unique and innovative models to attractively display your favorite spice brands where you can find them, right there, in your own cooking work zone.  We genuinely believe if those spices containers are out of sight, they’re also out of mind, is it possible that in the past you’ve tucked away spices in your cupboard only to rediscover them several years later and realized they have remained there unopened and are currently outdated?

Our bottom line: “We guarantee our carousels will make using your favorite spices a real snap!” 

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