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To organize your life, organize your spice!

Welcome to Spice Rax!

Please feel free to browse through our pages in order to find out more about us and our innovative storage concepts to help you finally bring some organization to your kitchen’s spice collection.

At Spice Rax we pride ourselves on individually listening and learning from our treasured customers first hand and face–to-face by way of the dozens of the largest Arts & Craft Show venues all across the state of Iowa, into Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri and Nebraska as well. To this end we have now developed four diverse spice storage concepts and nearly twenty different models. Along with those state-of-the-art accomplishments we have been granted four US Patents and presently have one US Patent pending.

As always, our objective and goal remains quite simple: Delighted and fulfilled consumers that actually take the time to express personally or forward to us an encouraging comment about our new and unique line of products.

Thank you for visiting us and our best regards from everyone at Spice Rax!

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