Hi Alan & Marilyn,

It was a pleasure to meet both of you at the Mid-American Craft Fair in Council Bluffs earlier this month.

After chatting with you for a bit, I mentioned that I had several dozen loose Mini Tones Spice containers throughout my kitchen cabinets, I was very interested when you said that I could special order a larger rack with as many tiers as I would like.  I went home and counted my spices, and I found that I had 39 containers; too many for your largest in stock unit which had 6 tiers (36 spices).  I returned to the craft fair the next day, and I asked I could special order a rack with 7 tiers (42 spices).  This way, I’ll have 3 extra spaces for 3 future spice purchases if needed. I then placed the order.

Just like clock-work, I received my new spice rack the following week, which I promptly opened and filled with my precious Mini Tone’s spices.  I also put them in alphabetically so that I can easily find them when needed.  This unit is awesome!!!  It measures at 16 inches tall which is 2 inches less than the standard 18 inch height and typical distance between a countertop to a wall cabinet.

Thanks again for inventing such a useful spice rack, also for taking my special order and mailing it to me so promptly.  Looking forward to seeing both of you again at another craft fair!  Behold the photo!

Diane K. from Council Bluffs