As we have learned from personal experience and hundreds of Midwestern homemakers over the past few years; ordinary spice storage has been an on-going universal no-win situation.

In the past the failed remedies have varied from expensive chrome and glass jar spice racks to a simple Lazy Susan on a cabinet shelf and some cooks even kept their collection in boxes tucked away in a drawer.

Whichever method, the down-falls included emptying newly purchased spices into the glass bottles on top of the old. Or, a disarray of big, small, short and tall containers from a dozen different spice manufacturers squirreled away in the deep reaches of a cupboard; as was the case in our kitchen in the past.

Following these tips can put all that behind you, please read on:

  • Stick with one brand of spices, this will provide you with containers of the same size time and again.
  • To insure freshness keep your spices in the original manufacturer containers, which are stamped with expiration dates and other useful information.
  • Always purchase major brands such as McCormick, Durkee and Tones. All these manufacturers rotate their stock regularly to ensure their products are at their very best, their reputations depend on it.
  • Last but not least, research and purchase the right Spice Rax product that fits your every need.

So if you decide on an attractive counter-top model, a under cabinet unit, a trim-line ‘Shelf-Elf’ tray model to store away in a cabinet or ‘Spice-Ups’ holders the results are the same: Spice convenience and organization you’re going to love to use!